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17 October 2007 @ 05:36 pm
Bahamut groweled as yet another mob of flying monsters surrounded him and his passenger. If he was on his own, he'd have no issues - they couldn't penetrate his thick scales. But with Lenne on his back he had to be more careful... He neither wanted them to get to her, nor to score her with flying/melting monster bits if he flamed them... Which he surely would.
'Hold on tight.' He instructed Lenne as he pulled his wings in and dropped like a stone. The monsters followed. He shot towards the ground, trying to keep his wind drag in the perfect medium so that he would neither loose his passenger, nor the monsters. Hurtling towards the ground, he snapped out his wings at the last-possible moment, skimmed the ground - sending up sparks with his claws on the stone- and winged back into the air.
He smiled as the monsters were less lucky and hit the pavement with extreme force and promptly melted into puddles of fluid.
'Lenne. Are you alright?' He asked. 'I need to know if you can sense Shiva. I am worried for her.'
17 October 2007 @ 05:14 pm
Hojo woke up.
Hojo woke up in an alleyway.
Hojo woke up in an alleyway pissed.
Hojo woke up in an alleyway pissed and wondering where he was.
He had just been about to do something very important, he knew it. Now if only he could remember what it was . . .
Hojo realized he should look around, so he did. It seemed he was in a city if the alley and neon lights were anything to go by. Then he looked up and saw a heart shaped moon. How queer, he thought to himself. Looking around he found giant, mutated . . . things.
Ooh, what nice things they were, too. Forget what he was about to do before he came here, research called in the form of new test subjects. What fun.
15 October 2007 @ 10:22 pm
Monsters. In her dreams. There was something wrong with this picture! Elmina had been running the streets, sword in hand, cutting down monsters as she went. This was getting annoying, really fast.
15 October 2007 @ 10:03 pm
Lucrecia had been wandering the streets of Xion, looking through the shops for the past few days, and she had been getting ready to keep doing so once she had gotten her things together. It was out she went, but... something was weird. Off. She wasn't sure she liked this much. Hesitantly, Lucrecia kept walking, even against her better judgement.

It was definitely a bad mistake. Hearing something behind her, the scientist turned slowly to look at whatever it was behind her. Staring back at her was a rat. Not just any rat, but a mutated rat of ohgoditsgonnaeatme! Wide-eyed, she took a few stumbled steps backward, and turned before taking off in a dead run. What the hell was going on here?!
15 October 2007 @ 02:30 pm
Seymour had been hving a nice walk around Zeiro when all the chaos broke loose that night. He hadn't stuck around long, just giving enough time to watch Ashe's reaction to the escape of her beloved birds. Seymour grinned to himself and decided he would speak with the woman who had set the birds free... in the morning. She had seemed rather interesting and he wasn't really one to let such an opportunity pass him by. She could prove extremely useful.

He hadn't thought about her again until his walk the next morning through the streets of Sapharos. Mutated animals were everywhere and he was even sure he could hear Bahamut's roar in the distance. Giggling to himself, he moved forward, looking for signs of destruction. The animals around him didn't bother him much, seeming to feel the power he radiated. Or else they could tell he'd rather help them than hurt them. Things were going a bit crazy and Seymour liked that. It was about time things got crazy.

Now... where could that crazy woman be...?
Current Location: Sapharos